Manners of Worship

Manners of Worship

While customs of worship vary among regions and families, here we introduce some common worship practices. Please note that the use of fire and incense is prohibited in the main shrine.

  1. For those who wish to pray in the main shrine, please stop by the reception to receive incense sticks as an offering for 500yen. Gold paper is also available here.
  2. Light the incense sticks and fan the fire out but do not blow on the incense.
  3. Proceed to place the incense in the five burners corresponding to Jade Emperor for universal peace; Lord Guan for prosperity, success, safety and knowledge; Di Mu Niang Niang for health and protection from disaster; Guan Yin for health, clarity, relationships, and fertility; Fu De Zheng Shen for financial health and wealth.
  4. Enter the temple and pray to each deity in order of Jade Emperor from main shrine to south gate (this diety lives in the Heavens and there is no corresponding statue), Guan Yu in the center, Di Mu Niang Niang to the left, Guan Yin to the right, and Fu De Zheng Shen to the diagonal right.

Fortune-telling using divination moon blocks

  1. At the prayer stand in the main hall, hold the container of fortune stick. Silently and intentionally offer your address, name, date of birth and your specific wishes and shake the container until one stick emerges.
  2. Drop the pair of crescent shaped divination blocks onto the ground. A temple assistant in charge will be there to help you interpret the result. Give the fortune stick to the temple assistant to receive the paper fortune.
Incense sticks